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Character Education

for November 2015

Honesty is:

  • Being truthful in word and action
  • Faithfulness - being true to promises
  • Sincerity - meaning what you say
  • Integrity - a commitment to doing the right thing
  • Playing fair

I know I am honest in the classroom and in school when I...

  • do my own work
  • do not cheat on tests
  • use my own words when researching and writing a report
  • own up to it if I have done wrong, and don’t blame someone else
  • return something that does not belong to me
  • feel and react without guilt

I know I am honest in the cafeteria and on the playground when I...

  • tell on someone only when necessary
  • do not gossip
  • show and share feelings in a thoughtful way
  • do not cheat at games

I know I am honest at home when I…

  • do my homework without copying
  • tell the truth despite consequences
  • do not exaggerate situations
  • do not withhold important information
  • am sincere about helping with chores and pets

I know I am honest with my friends when I...

  • tell the truth — not what they want to hear
  • apologize when I am wrong
  • keep a promise

November - Responsibility for more on this month's Character Trait

Important Dates

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  • Nov. 18 PTA Committee Chair Meeting, 7:45 am
  • Nov. 18 Tip the Scales Kickoff
  • Nov. 19 Cultural Arts - NC History Performance
  • Nov. 25-27 Thanksgiving Holidays

  • Dec. 2 SLT Meeting, 7am
  • Dec. 2 2nd Grade Field Trip, Children’s Theatre
  • Dec. 3 Math Night - Media Center 6pm-7pm
  • Dec. 4 PTA Exec Meeting 9:00am
  • Dec. 14 Elk's Hoop Shoot Contest (15 free throw shots)
    • 8-9s from 3:30-5:15pm
  • Dec. 15 Elk's Hoop Shoot Contest
    • 10-11s from 3:30-5:15pm
  • Dec. 17 4th Grade Holiday Performance 6pm & General PTA Meeting
  • Dec. 21-22 Teacher Workday
  • Dec. 23-January 1 Winter Break


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