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DES Odyssey of the Mind Team

Dilworth School had three teams participating in the Odyssey of the Mind Regional Competition at Wingate University on March 8th.

Congratulations to these students for their commitment and hard work during the school year. Also, thank you to Kim Schick for leading the Odyssey of the Mind team.

external image 294.jpg?ver=1395197438000
Vehicle Team A: Michael Allison (5th), Jared Mitchell (5th), Charlie Modesitt (5th), Garyn Peterson (5th) and Preston Sims (3rd)

external image 295.jpg?ver=1395197562000

Vehicle Team B: Joshua Acklen (3rd), Ethan Cox (3rd), Stewart Jones (4th) and Fisher Winn (4th)

external image 297.jpg?ver=1395197765000

Not-So-Haunted House: Kylie Burgess (5th), Lucy Caldwell (5th), Ava Black (3rd), Claire Millard (3rd) and Maddie Winn (3rd)

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In January, 20 DES Dragon 3rd graders participated in CMS Mathapalooza, competing with schools across the district in individual and team math challenges.

Congratulations to our DES Dragons!

Individual Competition: Amanda Wagler 1st, Anna Ellison 2nd, Amelia Drishler 3rd.

Team Building Competiton: : 2nd place, Lauren Kelly, Caroline Huitt, Charles Ricks, Baden Stickley

Problem Solving Competition: 3rd place,Carson Whitlock, Amanda Wagler, Anna Mohanty, Loie Kemmer
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Other Team Members: Mayes Fisher, Smith Tebbit, Myles Parker, Cam Fagan, Maggie Ryan, Christopher Beaman, Madison Winn, Tattie Teague, Grant Malloy, Jim Hansberger

Honors Chorus

Congratulations to six 4th and 5th grade DES Dragons who performed last weekend with the CMS Honors Chorus. These students participated with over 200 other CMS students representing 33 schools in the "all star event" for elementary music.

Ashley Ford, Jessica Beddard, Camden Whitlock, Gracie Myers, Stewart Jones and Lily Pareso
Ashley Ford, Jessica Beddard, Camden Whitlock, Gracie Myers, Stewart Jones and Lily Pareso

The students performed five songs in four different languages. A huge shout out to Ms. Candy Hayes for making this opportunity possible and spending countless after-school hours rehearsing with the honorees.

Dilworth New Sister School Announcement

DES is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Sedgefield Elementary. We are excited to work together as a community to support our sister school.

Click here to read Principal Terry Hall's message announcing the new partnership. Stay tuned for ways that you (and your children) can support our sister school.

Check out the AMAZING SUCCESS of the 2013 SPARK Program!

Click here for details about the total amount raised, prizes awarded and members of the 100, 200 and 300 hour clubs!

Check Out Our New Dilworth Dragon Staff for 2013-2014

We will highlight our new Dragon Staff each Friday starting October 11th! If you missed it, click below!

Sterling Stevenson
Katelynd Branum
Linda Simmons
Amy Platte

Check out DES in the May 2013 Issue of "My School Rocks"

Important Dates

  • April 2 SLT Meeting
  • April 3 3rd Grade Field Trip, 11:30am, Children’s Theatre
  • April 4 PTA Exec Meeting 9:00am
  • April 10 Kindergarten Musical Performance, 6pm
  • April 14-18 Spring Break
  • April 22 Earth Day
  • April 24 Spring Arts Showcase
  • April 24 Walk to School Day

Dilworth PTA 2013-2014 Calendar

April Character Trait

5-18 event
5-18 event

Looks like...
  • Studying and working hard to raise your grade in a certain subject
  • Saving money and making sacrifices for a long time to buy something special
  • Trying out for a new sport that is difficult for you
  • Setting a goal for yourself and not giving up until it is accomplished
Acts like...
  • Studying and working hard even if you feel discouraged
  • Trying out for a spot on a team or club for a second time even if you didn't make it the first time
  • Practicing your sport or your musical instrument so you will play well
  • Trying your best even when times are difficult at home
Sounds like...* "I'm going to do it no matter what it takes"
  • "I can do it"
  • "I'm not going to give up"
  • "It's not going to happen overnight, but I will succeed"
  • "Try, try, and try again"
Feels like...* Determination
  • Confidence
  • Stamina
  • Patience
  • Sacrifice


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