'Tip The Scales' Annual Campaign

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"Tip The Scales" is the annual campaign for Dilworth Elementary School. Funds raised through this campaign go directly to the school for the purchase of supplies, equipment and technology, which enables our teachers and staff to provide our students with the best possible academic environment. Some of the items that have been purchased with Tip The Scales funding in the past include SMART Boards, iPads, laptop computers, document cameras, books for the media center, leveled readers for classrooms and scholarship support for students in need. The campaign will run this year from Wednesday, November 18 - Friday, February 26. Our goal is 100% participation - every gift is tax deductible and no gift is too small!

Part of the Tip The Scales campaign this year will include our new partnership with Briarwood Elementary School. Donors will have the opportunity to designate a portion of their gift to help us purchase new school uniforms for students at Briarwood and help fund their staff appreciation projects and events.

Please use the “Donate Now – PayPal” link below to make your contribution. Be sure to follow the instructions for filling out the “Notes” section as it is described below.

Thank you for supporting our school through the Tip The Scales campaign! If you have questions or need more information about Tip The Scales, please contact Jenny Craver at jennyfcraver@gmail.com.


In the “Notes” section please include the following:
· The portion of funds that should be used for Dilworth Elementary and the portion to go to Briarwood Elementary. Please note that all matching funds from employers will go to Dilworth Elementary School.
· Your name as you would like it to appear in donor lists and in your tax letter.

Also, please note that we cannot process recurring (monthly) donations so please do not check the “Make This Recurring (Monthly) box.

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SPARK (Summer Reading Program)

The PTA's operating needs are primarily met through the summer reading program which is called "SPARK." The PTA operating budget includes field trips, student planners for upper grade, staff appreciation, inreach, grounds and much more! For more information, see the SPARK page.

Corporate Rebate Programs

There are lots of opportunities to earn “free money" for Dilworth while you shop. Link your shopping cards to Dilworth Elementary today!!

Collections and Recycling

Grocery Store Products

We are also participating in several grocery product [[#|programs]]. Simply clip the appropriate symbol from the packaging and turn it in to the Parent room.

  • General Mills - Box Tops for Education - each box top is worth $.10
  • Campbells - Clip label, lid of UPC with "Labels for Education" symbol
  • Tyson - Save frozen chicken box or bag flaps, each one is worth $.24

Printer Ink Cartridges

Donate your used [[#|printer ink]] [[#|cartridges]] to [[#|earn money]] for the school. The collection bin is inside the Parent Room.


A battery-recycling box is located by the fishpond. Send in your used batteries and the Green Team will take care of the rest!